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Christian A. Schwarz

Come and be part of an interactive gathering facilitated by Christian A. Schwarz, the founder of Natural Church Development. The gathering’s focus is on how to address, in the now, the practical everyday challenges you encounter in church development and how to empower more of the people around you to play their part.

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Whether you are engaged in the Natural Church Development process or are simply trying to move your church forward, at the NOW! gathering you will:

  • hear practical insights from Christian, drawn from his three decades of church development implementation around the world
  • get to discuss the questions that are most relevant to you, with others who face similar challenges, in direct interaction with Christian, and with Adam from Natural Church Development Australia
  • have the chance to speak to people experienced in the NCD Church Survey and 3 Color Discipleship tools
  • increase your capacity to deal with obstacles and hostility, by learning to identify and transform the energy behind them
  • be empowered to minimise your church development time investment, while maximising the fruitfulness
  • get a fresh understanding of the practical essence of faith in church development

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8:30am registration for 9am-4:30pm gathering Saturday June 20

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8:30am registration for 9am-4:30pm gathering Saturday June 13

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8:30am registration for 9am-4:30pm gathering Monday June 15

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